Thursday, June 25, 2015

Check Out These Threads

Earlier we posted a blog that helped break down the various types of fabrics and explained the terms to help make it easier when shopping for apparel online (read the blog here).  Today we are going to go a little more in depth to help you understand the various types of fibers and yarns that makes up the various fabrics. 
  • Cotton/Nylon: Known for its high strength, elasticity and abrasion resistance.  It has a sofe hand and is low in absorbency.
  • Microfiber: Super fine polyester yarn is durable with a smooth, soft hand. It is often treated to add water resistant properties.  Frequently a heavier fabric when used for clothing,  such as windshirts or for garments that are perfect for uniform programs in the service industry
  • Nylon: High in strength, elasticity and abrasion resistance, low in absorbency.  Coats and jackets, tote bags and backpacks are frequently nylon or have a nylon shell.
  • Pima Cotton: Longer length cotton fiber makes it smoother and stronger than other cottons.  Pima cotton has a soft hand. 
  • Rayon/Polynosic: Synthetic silk-like fabric blended with polyester for maximum shape retentiona nd wrinkle resistance. 
  • Ringspun Cotton: Spun for a smoother, softer feel as compared with open end cotton.  You will notice this term often with T shirts, but also sweatshirts and polos.
  • Silk/Cotton: Lightweight, soft feel of silk with the durability and care properties of cotton.
  • Spandex/Lycra: Elastic yarn added to cotton or other yarns to add stretch properties.
  • Tanguis Cotton: Long staple cotton is soft and smooth
microfiber v neck wind shirt   nylon shell windbreaker jacket    mossy oak camo t shirt ringspun cotton   spandex shirt
   Microfiber windshirt                     Nylon shell jacket                   Ringspun T Shirt              Performance shirt w/ Spandex
Still not sure exactly what you need/want?  Well, that's what we are here for.  At Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection we can make suggestions based on your need and budget.  Let us help you select the rigtht garments for your corporate branding- whether you just want some shirts for a trade show or if need a uniform program for you whole staff.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

WTF - What the Fabric?

When I walk into a store shopping for clothes, I might be attracted enough to something based on its color or pattern to take a closer look.  But the next thing I'm going to do is touch it...And that can make or break the deal for me.
It is very difficult to understand the various terms of fabric- even more difficult to make a decision when shopping online AND shopping for the apparel your employees or staff are going to be wearing to represent your brand.  We have a three part series of blogs to help you understand various terms and make it easier to decide what garments will work best for you.  This blog will focus on the different types of fabrics that you might see referenced for shirts, jackets, hats and other garments.  Check back for upcoming blogs on Fibers and Yarns and  Finishes.
  • Interlock: A firm, double-knit fabric. Both sides of the fabric look the same.  You will find this term used often with polos and athletic apparel.
  • Jersey: Single knit construction with rows of vertical loops on the face and rows of horizontal half-loops on the back that results in a durable, soft hand and beautiful drape.  This feels very much like t-shirt material
  • Pique: Knit fabric with tuck stitches resulting in a textured surface.  Used frequently in polo shirts.
  • Oxford: Tightly woven construction of fine yarns resulting in a clean, crisp appearance.  Button up dress shirts are often made of oxford material.
  • H2O Moisture Wicking: 60% combed cotton/40% polyester plaited fabric moves moisture quickly through the inner polyester layer to the surface where it can evaporate away.  This fabric has been all the rage for the last few years and has made its way from mainly T's to polo shirts, 1/4 zips and beyond.
  • Twill: Diabonal weave generally runs upward from left to right for a strong, durable and firm fabric.  Most commonly seen in hats and aprons, however lighterweight versions of twill are used for button up shirts that are perfect for employees uniform programs.
  • Stretch Poplin: Tight, natural weave combined with spandex for stretch and a better fit. A perfect fabric for uniforms that look nice but still allow for easy movement such as food service or hospitality.
  • French Terry: A looped back knitted fabric that can be sheared to make into fleece.  This is a "step up" from traditional sweatshirt material and works well for resort wear and resale.
  • Performance Mesh: a regular interval weave that promotes maximum stretch and air ventilation.  Promotes moisture wicking and helps the wearer feel cooler.  These are most likely a polyester material.
  • Jacquard: A jersey fabric with a more complex needle selection that results in an eye-catching patterned surface effect.  Most common on polo shirts with a more upscale appearance.
Now that you are well versed in what all these terms mean, check out some of the options on our website, or simply call or email so we can put together options that will work best for your branding and staff recognition needs.
interlock knit polo shirt      oxford dress shirt    french terry 1/4 zip pullover    performance mesh t shirt
  Interlock Knit Polo                            Oxford Button Up              French Terry 1/4 zip               Performance Mesh T Shirt
Call or email us to put together the right fabric and styles to outfit you, your staff, members or volunteers

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Why Made in the USA Makes Marketing Sense

It is difficult (almost impossible actually) to walk into a retail store and find a selection of Made in the USA products.  Many people think that is the case with their promotional and marketing items as well, but that is not true.  At Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection we have a vast selection of US Made swag items.  Using USA Made items in your marketing campaigns, promotions or giveaways is not only viewed favorably by consumers (your customers), but it has a positive impact on our economy as well as making a vast impact on the environment and social responsibility.
Let's look at some of the ways USA Made give-aways (swag) impacts us:
  • 7 in 10 Millennials view themselves as social activists
  • 4 in 5 Millennials are more likely to buy from a company that supports a cause they also support
  • US Made products are more likely to meet product safety regulations for hazardous materials in general use and children's products (ask us about CPSIA compliant products as well)
  • More than 80% of consumers prefer products that are Made in America
  • Poor working conditions in overseas garment factories has led to several catastrophes and hundreds of preventable deaths.
  • The typical t-shirt travels to 4 countries, crossing the Atlantic (or Pacific) twice as it goes from raw cotton to yarn to cloth to blank shirt to printed shirt.
  • Vietnam, China and Bangladesh (major importers of electronics and textile products) all have significant air quality issues, due in part to poor regulations controlling factory pollution.
  • US Manufacturing represents 1 in 6 private sector jobs
  • Every dollar spent on US Mfg adds $1.36 to the economy
  • US Manufacturers are anchors in their community, adding to the local economy (taxes, jobs, consumption of goods and services, etc)

While we all understand and realize how much buying local impacts our country, our community and our families, many times it comes down to price and convenience as well.  With our selection of US Made swag we can find the right product to fit your need and your budget.  Below are a few ideas, but please contact us and we can put together some ideas specific to your needs, event or promotion.
made in usa mint tin giveaway      us made mug cup glass     chip clip magnet clip usa made
Made in the U.S.A Food gifts, Drinkware (mugs, stadium cups, tumblers, etc), magnets & clips
usa made measuring cup kitchen giveaways     bayside union made made in usa t shirt     recycled usa made first aid kit
Additional US Made categories include housewares, shirts & hats and Health & Wellness
To view more items click here or you can email or call us and we will put together ideas for you.      866-247-4320

Thursday, June 04, 2015

The Best Patriotic Theme Swag Ideas

Taking pride in our country, showing support for the troops, celebrating holidays such as Veterans Day, Memorial Day or July 4th and promoting political campaigns all tie in perfectly with products centered around the stars and stripes, American Flags and the Red, White and Blue.  Check out these fun and patriotic swag ideas.
flag sunglasses 4th of july sun glasses         mint tin with stars candy political 4th of july         flag pen patriotic swag
patriotic beach ball           american pride pinwhweel red white and blue      flashing american flag pin  

Check out more patriotic themed giveaways here
And t-shirts, hats, tanks and other apparel in with a red,white & blue theme?  Of course we have that too. Call or email and we will find the perfect items for you.  For some ideas check out the Best American Flag Swag at the Made In America Festival here
Call or email us and we will put together ideas perfect for your event or promotion that also work with your budget!


Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Plant a Tree Cards for Marketing Campaigns

At Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection we understand that there are times when a physical product is not the best option for your marketing campaign.  Luckily we have many items that can still get your message across that you can still brand, such as music or movie downloads, photo print cards, ebooks and more.  One of our favorites is the Treecycler rewards card.
These rewards show your commitment to sustainability and are a simple way to help customers go green.  Consumers will feel good about helping the earth by having a tree planted in their name in the reforestation project they choose.  With an interactive redemption experience, recipients are engaged and feel empowered  by discovering a project and helping those in need.  Since users can choose their location to plant a tree, they have a deeper, emotional connection to the action.
Here is the way one company used the plant a tree reward to promote awareness of their brand and mission:
Waste Management® initiated a new campaign entitled "Think Green" which focused on the company's dedication to promote sustainability as well as being good neighbors to the environment. Eco-friendly topics have dominated our society as consumers young and old are more interested in environmentalism than ever before.
plant a tree rewards card eco swag
"Think Green" played on the desire to give something back to our environment by distributing Plant-A-Tree Cards to customers. Once online, Waste Management customers could choose to have a tree planted in one of many global reforestation projects, including within the United States. The promotion successfully contributed to further aligning the Waste Management brand with the desire to create a more eco-friendly community.

With the Plant-A-Tree rewards card program, native trees are planted through partnerships with multiple non-profit reforestation organizations.  For even more impact, you can print branded cards on recycled cardstock or even seed embedded paper that grows wild flowers when planted.
These trees may be planted domestically or internationally in the recipients choice of over 40 reforestation projects.  The program includes a branded digital "Thank You" message sent to your customer.  These are available for worldwide promotions.
Here is another example of how these cards were used:
Embassy Suites® takes their commitment to "Going Green" seriously, even having some of its hotels officially certified as Green Lodging. In looking for a creative way to introduce their new initiatives to local communities, they decided to help sponsor a community event and distributed custom branded eco-friendly, Plant-A-Tree Cards to attendees.
eco swag eco-swag plant-a-tree gift card
Each card, printed on recycled paper, directed consumers to go online and show their support by planting a tree in a global reforestation project. While redeeming the card at an Embassy Suites® branded site, attendees also had the opportunity to learn more about the hotels and even book a future stay. Then after redeeming the offer, they had the option to print out a certificate in honor of their planting. Plant-A-Tree Cards were a great way to enhance their brand's public image as an eco-friendly company and increase their brand loyalty.
We can help you design an eco-friendly, green rewards program based on the number of trees you would like to offer.  You can even tier your rewards and offer (as an example) 1 tree, 3 trees and 5 trees to different levels of clients.
Contact us today for more information:

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Swag Ideas for Class Reunions

Spring brings graduations...summer brings reunions.
As the planner and organizer of the reunion you may be trying to raise money to cover the costs or maybe you just want a few souvenir items that classmates can have to commemorate their high school or college years.  Either way,  there are an abundance of swag ideas to fit the purpose.  And to make your life (and volunteer job) even easier we can create the artwork and layout for your items.
Putting your invitation or save the date on a magnet to mail out to class-mates with the links for a website or facebook page where they can get updates will keep everyone "in the know".  Make it really personal by adding your class photo or picture of your alma mater as the background of the magnet.
save the date magnet invitation magnet class reunion ideas

Wine glass, tumblers or other drinkware make great gifts and souvenirs that are easy to sell or use as favors for those attending the reunion.  While an etched logo looks really nice, we can use a frosted ink that looks just as nice but cuts cost as well.  Or, use school colors for a fun twist.
high school reunion ideas stemless wine glass     two tone coffee mug logo class reunion
check out out website or click here for additional drinkware options.  For picnics or outdoor events color change or glow in the dark stadium cups are fun options.
hits of the decade class reunion
Nothing takes you back in time faster than a song you can associate with a great memory.  Greatest hits from the decade your class graduated are great swag bag items that are sure to be a "hit".  Contact us for additional title options.
At Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection our team is happy to help you come up with ideas perfect for your high school or college class reunion whatever the theme or decade may be.  Let us research ideas that will fit your event and budget.     866-247-4320.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How Essential Oils Can Work With Your Marketing Plan

Essential oils are increasing in popularity for home and personal use, so it's just natural that trend should work it's way into the marketing world.  Essential oils are derive their scent/aroma from plants by distilling various parts including seeds, roots, bark, stems, leaves, fruit, flowers or branches.  The Zen Collection we carry offers Therapeutic Grade oils which are highly concentrated.  The aromatherapy of essential oils engages our sense of smell and directly affects our mood.  It can also have an immediate physical impact such as helping you breathe easier and affect the way we function and interact with our environment.
Essential oils work well in an office environment as the scents are not overpowering and our small diffuser it perfect for an office or cubicle.  If employees are sluggish, tired or can't concentrate diffusing Focus (a minty pine powerhouse) can help give them the jolt they need to focus and concentrate better.
essential oil diffuser for office
Our small essential oil diffuser is perfect for an office, cubicle or home use (this is the one we all use in our offices at Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection)
The Essential Oil collection comes in dropper bottles you can diffuse, roller bottles, reed diffusersoap, bath bombs, bath salts and candles so you can choose the perfect product for your marketing needs.
Let us add your full color logo onto the label of the reed diffuser, dropper bottle or roller bottles:
Essential oil roller bottle with logo  essential oil dropper bottle

Essential Oil products are make thoughtful and appreciated give away or gifts for a variety of industries: Hospitals (birthing center, sleep disorder clinics, behavior disorders, surgery center), Wellness Programs (setting goals, achieving goals, motivation, relaxation), Employee Appreciation (Incentive trips, work anniversaries, motivational themes, thank you), Special Events (wedding favors, wellness retreats, silent auction gifts, grand openings, community events). The list goes on and on, and we can help you find the perfect products or combination of products for your needs and budget.
essential oil aromatherapy bath bomb   aromatherapy candle with logo
Bath Bomb and Aromatherapy candle
These items come in a variety of aromatherapy oils or oil blends:
Lavender- Reduces stress, anxiety and promotes sleep (my favorite to diffuse at night)
Peppermint- supports healthy digestive system and mental clarity.
Lemon- Powerful aromatic and internal cleanser
Focus Blend- Helps with concentration, alertness and motivation (I diffuse this one in the office frequently)
Immunity Blend- Support for healthy immune function
Invigorate Blend- Energize and positively affects mood
Exhale Blend- Promotes clear respiratory function
Cloud 9 Blend- Elevates mood and increases vitality
Tranquility Blend- Relaxes the mind and body
For more information on the benefits and uses of each of these please contact us and we will help  you find the perfect essential oil or essential oil blend for your corporate gift or giveaway needs.    866-247-4320