Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What Is Your "Huntington Pen"?

Every marketing campaign starts out with goals- maybe one, maybe several.  And let's be honest, no matter what your listed goals are the real dream is to create a campaign, event or promotion that far excedes your expectations.  Much like what Huntington Bank did with it's "green pen".  If you are not familiar with their ubiquitous pen you can read all about it here.
Living in Columbus, OH for many years (the headquarters of Huntington Bank) that pen was everywhere.  The register at the grocery store, the pen cup at the doctor's office, it showed up with your credit card receipt at restaurants.  And BAM! all of a sudden there are three in your purse and you have no idea how they got there.  No need to look at the imprint to know it was their pen.  The color and style gave it away every time.  They didn't choose a white pen with a PMS match for the logo color, they selected a bright green pen with a white logo. Very basic, but highly visible.  They also didn't choose a cheap pen "just to have something to give away".  They picked one that writes well, so it has staying power.  People want to use it.  You see that pen in the cup holder at the dentist office and you pick it out because you know it's going to write.  Yet it is still inexpensive.
Having something so iconic come out of any campaign is every business owner and marketing manager's dream come true.  And this pen story just goes to prove that you don't necessarily have to find something different, unique or expensive.  You just need to find the item that is right for your campaign.
At Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection we work with products all day, every day.  We love swag, promotional products, tchotchkes, trade show giveaways, trinkets- whatever you want to call them.  We understand how important these items are to your marketing plan.  We are fine with you going to our website and picking out what you want, but we also love to work with our customers to really understand what your goals are, what you are going to do with the items and who the intended audience is.  Then we can really help you find the perfect item(s).
Call or email us today and we can get started helping you find your "green pen".
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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Calendars- Old School Marketing or Still Relevant?

Eons ago when I started in the promotional products business calendars were a staple of the industry.  Almost every business used some type, from the small ones with adhesive backs and the tear off month (press-n-stick) that are the perfect size for cash registers to large month-at-a-glance styles that you see in may offices.
Do you still use a paper "hard" calendar or do you depend on your computer or phone?  I do a little of both.  My office has a spot for a year at a glance calendar that I depend on multiple times a day- and I want the same one every year because it works perfecty, fits the spot and makes my work more efficient because I know it's right there. All the time. 
Many of our clients that do calendars like to do the same one or same style every year because, just like me, people have a spot they put the calendar every year and that's where it fits.  Change the style, shape, size and it throws everything off.  Banks, insurance companies and funeral homes are some of the industries that like to do a variety of styles- both for home use, business clients, churches and more.  There are so many styles and themes available there really is a calendar perfect for every marketing need.
What type of calendar will work best for your advertising message?  That answer really depends on what type of business you have and who you are trying to reach. Check out some of these examples below:
Smaller adhesive stick on calendars are inexpensive, easy to pop into an envelope with a holiday card or an invoice and mail and come in a variety of shapes and themes.  With shaped vinyl headers and one month per sheet calendar pads, year at a glance removable adhesive and keyboard or computer calendars, you have a lot of options to choose from.
adhesive calendar swag advertising  keyboard calendar removable sticker      mousepad calendar counter calendar adhesive calendar

See more adhesive calendars here.
Wall calendars run the gamut- themed 12 sheet calendars with a different picture for each month, large year at a glance calendars perfect for offices, Almanac calendars, tear off coupons, wall planners, pocket calendars and more.  Check out the wide variety here.
almanac calendar old farmer's almanac ramons calendar    year at a glance calendar commercial calendar office calendar    spiral wire wall calendar scenic picture
To make your new calendars ever more customized and memorable we can do variable date printing- taking your recepient list and adding their first name to each picture on the calendar- ensuring the calendar will be used all year and increasing your ROI.
personalized name calendar variable data calendar
We can do this on desk, wall, pocket planners and more. Check out some of the options here or contact us for more information.
Many companies like to feature their employees, products, add a picture of their building or their fleet of vehicles or team photo.  We can do a completely custom calendar adding your own pictures that you can use for giveaways or for fundraising.  Contact us for all options.
custom calendar swag ideas     custom desk pad calendar     custom calendar small desk
Whatever your needs, whatever your style, we have the right calendar for all your maketing needs. Contact us today to get started.
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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Your Company Will Stand Out With Camo

Camo may be all about blending in, but when used as imprinted swag for your business, company or organization your logo will pop! 
Camouflage is a neutral background for logos with a lot of color to make them really stand out and it works equally well with darker imprint colors for a more subtle message.  Either way- whatever items you choose will be worn and used so your logo and message will get a great deal of exposure- making camo a great ROI.
From Digi Camo to brand names like Real Tree or Mossy Oak, we carry a variety of products to fit your advertising and marketing needs.  And if you can't find exactly what you need, just ask- we recenting created a desert camo pattern on a can cooler for a client so we can get creative for you as well.  Click here for additional items.
Camouflage hats, shirts, jackets, gloves and other apparel work well for resale, in safety reward programs or as general giveaways when you add your company logo.  Ask us about embroidery vs. screen print.
mossy oak gloves     camo camouflage A4 digital camo t shirt     blaze orange camo hat with logo  
Examples of various styles of camo items at Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection- Mossy Oak work gloves, digi camo T available in various colors and blaze orange and Real Tree hat.  Contact us for additional camo apparel items
Take the Camouflage to a whole different level with these giveaway and promotional items- or stuff a camo themed swag bag full of goodies.
Bubba tumbler Real Tree camo    Advantage Max 4 camo bottle coozie bottle coolie   digital camo golf towel

Search our website for even more camo items or just click here to see some items we have put together.
If you don't find exactly what you are looking for give us a call or email us and we will do the research for you.
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Thursday, November 12, 2015

De-Stress Your Employees and Clients with Adult Coloring Books

Remember a time when the biggest stress in your life was a broken crayon?  Or whether you should use markers or colored pencils?  Or which picture you should color first?
Adult Coloring Books are taking the retail world by storm.  Coloring can promote deep focus and relaxation, reducing stress and even helping with meditation. Designed to help busy adults channel their stress and reconnect with the joys of the moment.  The benefits of coloring are a natural tie-in for any corporate wellness program, giveaways for health events or tradeshows, gift with purchase and as a way to show customers and employess that you care about their health.
These are so new we don't even have them on our website yet!  Please contact us for more information.
We have a variety of styles, themes and price ranges of coloring books to select from with prices beginning around $7.95 which includes your custom imprint on the front cover.  We can also do a full color insert page inside the front cover.  This would be a great place to list wellness tips, stress reduction techniques, products & services offered by your company- it is limited only by your creativity!

adult coloring book stress reduction         adult coloring book happy meditation       adult coloring book modern patterns health and wellness 
A small samples of the subjects and themes available. Contact us for details.
adult color book nature theme aminals          adult coloring book paris travel theme          adult coloring book zen

With a minimum of 50 pieces, you can put your company logo on adult coloring books to help the recepient leave the woes & worries of their busy lives behind and allow them to relax and unwind.

Contact us today for more information on themes and imprint options or to place your order.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Stand Out With Snail Mail Greeting Cards

In a world of social media, digital marketing, email, text messages and all things electronic the simple act of putting a stamp on a card and mailing it (yes, it can still be done) makes a huge impact.  Think about it- when you receive the mail every day what do you do? You probably sort through it to see what is most important- bills, magazine, catalog, junk mail.  But if there is an envelope addressed just to you, in the tell tale look of a greeting card, you rip that puppy open first.
Greeting cards make a lasting impression on the recepient.  It's the fact you thought of them, you personally added them to your list, you appreciate them and their business enough to send them a card.
Holiday Cards are the first thing that comes to mind when most corporations, organizations or businesses think about sending out cards.   You can stand out by being on the leading edge using Thanksgiving cards such as these or round out the card season/start the year off with New Year's cards with these choices.  And of course we have Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah, Christmas, Seasons Greeting and Happy Holiday cards too.

custom printed greeting cards thanksgiving card  New year card greeting cards for businesses   hanukkah cards corporate greeting cards custom printed greeting cards  custom printed christmas cards holiday cards return address

Many people like to send photo cards during the Holidays- it's a nice way to update those you don't see often on your family and the changes throughout the year.  Add your personal photo, select a message and even chose your paper stock on these cards.  For businesses, corporations, non-profits, alumni associations, organizations, etc choosing a card with a photo options is a way to add a personal touch to your greeting cards.  Add a picture of the staff, picture from an event or a photo of your product.
photo christmas card picture greeting card          corporate photo greeting card greeting cards for businesses
For an even more personal touch we have industry specific cards for various occupations and well as regional cards.  Select from stock designs for lawyers & legal professionals, construction and trucking, culinary & restaurants, real estate and medical.  Click here to view the options.
trucking industry holiday card greeting card          real estate holiday card christmas card realtor greeting card

Beyond the holidays think about cards for other occasions- Birthday cards for clients, employees or staff as well as sympathy cards, anniversary, congratulations, get well and thank you.  These can be ordered as individual styles or we have several assortment packs to choose from.
custom printed thank you, congratulations, happy birthday, sympathy, greeting cards

Many of our cards are also available on recycled paper to keep your eco friendly message going.  Once you select a card you will have the option of choosing a verse and paper type as well!
Have questions or don't see something on our card site that exactly fits what you need?  No problem, just email or call us and we will help you out!

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Wrap Them Up In A Logo'd Scarf

It's getting chilly and the leaves are falling, which has us thinking of colder weather, as evidenced by our recent blogs about beanies and knit hats here and one about gloves here.  We may as well continue the winter wear trend by exploring all the options you have for corporate apparel, winter swag and logoed scarves today.
Fleece scarves make an inexpensive giveaway for tradeshows, winter promotions, college campus giveaways and fan swag for sporting events.  Adding an embroidered logo or patch to one end (or both) make scarves a highly visible marketing tool.  For a more subtle imprint, we can do laser etching into the fleece.
scarf with embroidered logo giveaway  fleece scarf with logo swag   fleece scarf laser logo swag fan giveaways
These fun mitten scarves can be decorated in a variety of ways- one applique, two of the same applique or two different appliques.  We can do embroidery or a sublimated digital print on the applique- the cost is the same, however if you have an intricate logo or a lot of small detail then the digital print is the way to go.  Just send us a copy of your logo and we can guide you in the right direction.
scarf mitten with logo swag giveaway corporate gift

When using scarves for a corporate gift or employee gift going with a solid color knit scarf or one in colors that match your logo makes a classy promotional item.  We can add your logo to a stock scarf with embroidery or a woven patch.  With a little more lead time we can actually weave your logo into the scarf. These are perfect for fan appreciation gifts, season ticket holders, in store promotions, new product launches, safety awards, fundraisers and more.  Contact us for more details or to see a mock up with your logo!
rugby scarf school colors corporate colors logo     stripe scarf company logo winter swag ideas   knit scarf logo woven in scarf team swag corporate swag

Promotional giveaway scarves come in a variety of weights and price points- just tell us what you are looking for and we will help you find one to fit your needs, domestic or import, fast turnaround or time for overseas production. We will help you with all your swag needs.

sales@barefootswag.com     866-247-4320

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Keep Those Texting Fingers Warm

Since we recently covered all things knit hats (beanies) in this blog, it was time to also talk about the hands.  Work gloves, safety gloves, texting gloves or just regular ol' gloves- we can decorate them with your logo to keep your brand or message at the fingertips of your clients, employees, volunteers and more.
Leather Work Gloves:
Leather palms, Mossy Oak or all leather, we have a variety of leather gloves to fit your needs.
Check out additional options here
leather palm work gloves employee safety ANSI    mossy oak work gloves ANSI certified    leather gloves work gloves ANSI safety

Safety Work Gloves (Reflective & High Visibility)
Additional reflective gloves can be found here or contact us for more options
leather palm reflective safety work glove      hi-viz high visibility orange work gloves   high visibility light weight cotton gloves safety

Texting and Touchscreen Gloves:
The majority of our texting gloves are unisex.  If you are looking for a specific color, let us know and we will help you find what you need.
three finger texting glove    knit texting gloves college promotion swag ideas    isotoner texting gloves touchscreen gloves swag ideas

Basic Gloves and Mittens:
Mens, ladies or unisex, we can add your logo to make gloves thoughtful holiday gifts, safety incentives, gift with purchase, or to increase brand awareness.
fingerless gloves mitten hybrid swag ideas      unisex fleece glove with embroidery       thinsulate glove unisex winter promotion gift with purchase

Don't see exactly what you are looking for?  We have more!  Click here  for more glove options or contact us so we can do the research for you.

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