Thursday, April 23, 2015

Marketing Ideas for Oral Health and Dental Care

Many of our recent blog posts have related to health, wellness and safety- such as the one on swag for the medical field here or the one on Health & Wellness Expo ideas here.  Because oral health plays such a huge role in overall health, marketing and giveaways promoting good oral hygiene are not only fitting for Dentists, Periodontists, Orthodontist and Dental Colleges and others in the dental industry, but for the general medical field.
Some of our favorite items for home or travel:
       fun dental floss cool swag      toothpaste dispenser toothpaste tube squeezer dental swag  
Antimicrobial toothbrush cover      Make flossing fun- floss dispenser      No toothpaste goes to waste
 Selecting some cool tooth shaped swag is a way to deliver your message with useful items that are fun to keep around and use, such as the ones below. 
tooth shaped jar opener dental swag    tooth shaped swag hot cold pack    tooth brushing timer 2 minute timer dental swag
Tooth shaped jar opener                            Hot/Cold gel bead pack                            2 Minute Brushing Sand Timer
Other popular items include tooth shaped magnets, toothbrushes and toothbrush kits, and fun items for kids like dental care coloring books.
Let us put together some ideas for you to help promote dental hygiene and get your message across.     866-247-4320

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Promoting Health and Fitness in the Workplace

Many companies implement workplace Health and Wellness programs to promote healthy living and fitness among employees to both reduce sick leave and medical issues and to decrease insurance costs.  There are many ways a company can promote healthy living and healthy habits among workers- it goes way beyond hand sanitizer and pedometers (although we have those too).  Some of our favorite ideas are:
 first aid kit health and wellness swag               sunscreen health and wellness swag                 bmi tape measure health and wellness swag
      First aid kits                              sunscreen                          BMI body tape measure
First aid kits are perfect for home, car or travel and come in a variety of containers and with an unlimited selection of fillers perfect for adults, kids or even pets.  See more first aid kit options here.  Fun swag for giveaways at company functions during the summer such as a company picnic, baseball outing or company golf event calls for swag to keep everyone cool and safe.  Sunscreen, sunglasses, fans or visors make great momentos of the event and serve the purpose of protecting everyone from the elements.  And for encouraging a healthy lifestyle, there is an abundance of giveaways that will help get employees moving and encourge them to make better decisons about their food choices and health such as jump ropes, arm bands to hold a smart phone or ipod while exercising,  workout bands or bike lights

recycled frisbee eco swag eco frisbee              eco recycled infuser bottle eco water bottle            bioad tissue eco swag
    Recycled  frisbee                PETE material infuser bottle         Biodegradable tissue holder
We also have many eco swag options available to help you continue your message of being environmentally friendly with your corporate giveaways.  Items made of recycled materials, PETE bottles, corn plastic and biodegradable materials are all available.  Contact us for more information and let us put together some options for you.
We would love to help you with all your Corporate Health & Wellness swag ideas.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Marketing ideas for pet health and safety

A lot of our blogs recently have been focused on health items (see here) or workplace safety programs (see here) and thought it might be time to focus on the health and safety of our beloved pets.
We are all big animal lovers here at Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection.  Between the three of us we have 11 pets, 10 of which are rescues (Adopt, Don't Shop!).  Here are our office babies:
  Sandra's pups            Jake & Ozzy
Sandra's pups snoozing in our Portland, OR office                   Rhonda's guys dressed for winter in Columbus, OH
(Angel, Diego & Javier)                                                         (Jake & Ozzy)
Britni's adorable guys in Grand Rapids, MI (Scooby & Jax)
And then there are these four felines of Rhonda's
(Emma, Eli, Sam & Abby)

Marketing to pet owners through items that are helpful and useful to their four legged kids is a great way to keep your brand and message in front of your clients.  These make great items for community events, Veterinarian or Animal Hospitals, Pet Stores and manufactures or distributors of pet items.
collapsible pet water bowl pet swag           emergency pet rescue decal pet swag        pet first aid bandana pet swag
Collapsible Water Bowl          Emergency Rescue Decal          First Aid Bandana
pet collar reflective light clip       pet paw wipes pet swag giveaways       pet first aid kit pet swag pet giveaway
Reflective collar or leash tags                               Pets wipes                               Pet First Aid Kits

For a broad range of pet swag click here

Whether you need ideas to market your pet grooming business, giveaways for a grand opening of a pet store or to help promote a rescue group we can put together ideas that will fit your needs, stay within your budget and get your marketing message across.  Contact us for all your pet swag needs!       866-247-4320

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Swag Bag Ideas for the Medical Field

As a kid, going to the Doctor was always made a little less painful if you came out with a new plastic ring or a sticker on your shirt (bonus points if it was scratch-n-sniff).  Apparently I've been hooked on swag since a very young age.    Medical offices, hospitals and surgery centers recognize the importance of putting giveaways and marketing materials into the hands of prospective patients as well as current patients.  Finding effective marketing swag ideas to increase your name recognition or encourage patients to use your services again is what we do best.  Let us put together some ideas based on your specific needs, like the ones below:
Small, inexpensive items- in addition to the typical bandage dispensers  and pill cases- that are great for Hospitals, Urgent Care, Doctors Offices, Physical Therapy Offices and other medical facilities to use for general giveaways and are perfect for sponsorship swag bag drop ins:
pocket hand sanitizer pack medical swag    easy dose medicine spoon swag   sun care kit outdoor swag sun safety
Hand Sanitizer Individual packs         Easy view medicine spoon          Sun kit with sunscreen and bandages

After a treatment or surgery, sending patients home with a gift along with their instructions and prescriptions is a nice way to increase good will and serves as a reminder to follow the Doctor's orders.
gel eye pack surgery gift swag        microbead support pillow after surgery swag            BPA free bottle ounce marks hospital giveaway
Gel Eye Pack                                         Support Pillow               BPA free bottle with ounce marks
Fun swag ideas that are medical themed can also make cool swag bag stuffers for events, as a takeaway after an office visit or as giveaways at community festivals:
stethoscope pen hospital doctor office swag      pill capsule clip with magnet     doctor stess toy swag
              Stethoscope pen            Pill magnetic clip         Stress Toy in Scrubs
Contact us today so we can put together custom ideas for your medical practice.      866-247-4320

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Motivating Employees To Be Safe On The Job

Workplace safety is a major concern for businesses of all sizes. Employees getting injured on the job costs a company substantial money in lost time, increased insurance premiums and decreased production.  Serious accidents can also decrease the morale of other employess and leave them with a feeling of being unsafe on the job.   Other concerns of business owners of all sizes that relate to the safety of not only employees but also clients, customers and other visitors include theft, fraud, vandalism, trip hazards and more.
Every business should have an Emergency Plan and, of course, adhere to all state and federal safety regulations, but beyond that, putting a plan in place that encourages your employees to not only look out for their own safety and wellbeing, but to also point out potential hazards that need to be addressed can substantially save you time, money and additional headaches.  This is a great Cost of Accidents calculator from the US Department of Labor.  Now that you have an idea of the costs, let's look at some ways to encourage safety and wellbeing in the workplace.
Employees notice obstacles and potential problems in their workplace enviroment that may not be realized by management until it causes an accident.  Placing a suggestion box in an area that is easily accessed by everyone is one way encourage reporting of potential problems.  When the box is checked (no less than on a weekly basis) reward employees who have pointed out a potential hazard and thank them for their contribution.   By having rewards that are exclusively used to recognize those that have contributed to making the workplace safer you instill pride in the recipient and encourge others to contribute.  After all, what's a few bucks to be made aware of a problem that could cost you thousands?
safety reward travel mug safety swag            igloo cooler safety program swag            mag lite safety program flashlight swag
Add a safety message along with your logo to help rewards encourage contributions
Having a safety rewards progam in place that rewards all employees for a time period with no lost time accidents encourages each employee to not only look out for their own safety, but for the safety of their co-workers.  We have worked on programs that rewarded for every quarter without a lost time accident with something in the same price range for each quarter.  We have also designed programs that builds on each time period that goes by without an accident (i.e. the first quarter is $5, second quarter is $8, third quarter is $12, etc).  We can help design a program that works for your budget and your needs.
usb adapter safety program swag           coleman jug safety program swag          bluetooth speaker safety program swag
Let us help you select items that are universally appealing to all employees
At Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection we will work with you on safety rewards that work for your specific needs and budget.  Contact us for more information.   866-247-4320

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Health and Wellness Expo Swag

Health and Wellness Expos are popular events in cities and even within larger corporations across the country.   Helping you get your message across and making your marketing dollars count is what we do best.  We are always happy to create a presention of swag ideas based on your budget, time frame, marketing message and other requirements- just ask us!
To get you started on some cool swag ideas that fit well with the health and wellness theme we have a few ideas below.
Traditional items include hand sanitizer in a variety of shapes and sizes, lip balm (one of our office favorites is here), pedometers, Pill cases and bandage dispensers.  But you want to stand out, be different, go outside the box- well, we can help.  Check out these ideas below:
        portion plate swag ideas health and wellness            pill splitter health and wellness swag      tissue pack cool swag idea health and wellness
Portion Plate (child version here)            Pill splitter                      Mini tissue pack

essential oils health and wellness swag          exercise band health and wellness swag        hot cold gel bead pack healt and wellness swag
Essential oils                        Exercise band                   hot/cold bead pack

nail clippers health and wellness swag       imprinted shoe laces health and wellness swag      retractable ear bud cool swag ideas health and wellness
Finger nail clippers                     Shoe laces                       Retractable ear buds
If you are looking for ideas for employees, staff & faculty, kids or the general public we have the health and wellness swag to fit all your needs- and of course your budget.  Give us a call or email us today for more ideas.      866-247-4320

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Nurses Week Giveaways and Gifts

While Nurses Day is officially May 6th, these hard workers deserve the whole Nurses Week recognition they receive for the vital role they play in patient care and wellness.
Wherever the Nurses work you would like to recognize- Hospital, Nursing Homes, Doctor's Office, home health, travel nurse, hospice, school nurse, health departments/public health, private nurse, Occupational Health Nurse, etc. we can help you find the prefect gift for them.
Food gifts are always popular for group, office or department gifts and still have many tie-ins for nurses week:
life savers nurses week nurse gift     custom wrapper clif bar food giveaway    nurses week food gift swag conversation hearts 
Nurses are Life Savers        Custom wrapped Protein Bar    Conversation Hearts
Other food items to consider that can be shared or packaged for individual gifts are popcorn tins, mint tins, trail mix, brownies, or give a variety with a snack tower.  We can help you find the perfect food or snack for your nurses week giveaway.

Nurses eat on the run so often, give them something that makes their meal time easier, faster and healthier:
nurses week soup mug giveaway swag           nurses week lunch cooler swag gift neoprene lunch sack          silicone lunch container nurses week health and wellness swag
Microwavable Soup mug              Neoprene lunch bag                        Silicone food container
Additional items that we love for staff and employee gifts are:  snack container, cutlery sets, Igloo cooler available in a variety of colors.
There are also a lot of great options available for water bottles (BPA free, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Glass), mugs (ceramic, travel, copper mules, )  tumblers, etc.  Some of our favorite that are a little more unique are:
shaker bottle nurses week swag ideas      infuser tumbler nurses week fruit infuser swag      chalkboard mug nurses week gift swag
Shaker bottle                      Infuser bottles                      Fun chalkboard mug
When you are looking for giveaways that are useful beyond work, we have those too.
            duffle bag nurses week giveaway swag          toiletry kit nurses week giveaway swag idea          umbrella nurses week giveaway gift swag idea
Two tone duffle                          Vanity case                              Umbrella
Check out our blog here for some other swag ideas or here for additional gift options. 
If you would like us to put together gift ideas based on your budget, time frame and needs we are happy to do that for you as well.   866-247-4320