Friday, October 25, 2013

New Swag Idea: Custom Cellphone Armbands

I just came across this cool new item in one of our catalog lines this week and had to share it with you:
Custom Cell Phone Armbands (aka: the JogStrap)
These neoprene device holders are sized to fit iPhones and most other popular models & feature a black elastic adjustable arm band on the back. I like it because it's both useful and different as well as tech-related.
What makes this item REALLY cool is the customization options.
You not only get to pick your Neoprene fabric color for the body (there are 31, just like Baskin Robbins) you ALSO can pick your trim and thread colors! Every order is custom-made, with a nice low minimum order of just 50 pieces.
These are screen-printed and run between $4-$6 (depending on order quantity) with a 1-color logo.
So, what if you have a really COLORFUL logo or graphic that can't be screen-printed?
Lucky you, this one also comes in a 4-COLOR PROCESS printed version. This print method enables you to do FULL COLOR customization like this example:
The neoprene starts out as white, and is sublimated from edge-to-edge with your custom graphics. It's good for colorful logos, or you can create a cool background like this one - or you can even use photo images (as long as they're high-resolution).
It costs less than $1 more per item for this full-color model. The setup charge is the same as for screen printing ($45) and the full-color version also has a low 50-piece minimum. You still get to choose your trim and thread colors, just like the one above.
These would be a great item for employee health incentives, or for companies in the fitness industry. I think they'd be a huge hit at tech-related conferences too. I also like that you can slip something inside them before you hand them out, like a business card or coupon with a special offer.
Swag Connection is happy to help! We can work with you to decide which model is best for your artwork and provide mockups so you can visualize how they'll look before you commit.
You can submit a quote or info request via our website, or simply call or email us:      866-247-4320 toll-free
Thanks for reading my blog & keep coming back for more swag ideas!

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